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The Other Place At The RSC
Midsummer Mischief



Name: Anthony Ekundayo Lennon

Job: Assistant Director for Jo McInnes on Programme B ‘I Can Hear You’ and ‘This Is Not An Exit’.

What that means: Assisting Jo and the actors during rehearsals by providing research materials, making lots of hot drinks for….anyone, attending and noting all meetings with Jo outside rehearsals while she discusses ongoing work involved with set/sound/lighting/costume designs, script changes. Basically knowing as much, inside-out about Jo’s vision/intentions for the production so as to be as supportive as possible and offering any creative ideas if called upon to. I also keep an up to date notebook regarding anything that may be useful when working on other future productions, i.e. methods of working, problem solving, creative learning or inspiring thoughts & questions. Now that the shows are up and running I’m keeping an eye on the plays, giving notes and calling rehearsals if necessary.

Likes: The buzz of an empty rehearsal room….seconds before everyone enters to begin work, supporting emerging artists, plantain, behind-the-scenes section of DVD films, the buzz of a full rehearsal room while everyone is creating. Science-fiction. The famous Jeremy Paxman and Michael Howard interview. Ginger beer. The sea. Theatre that doesn’t do what’s obvious.

Dislikes: Bullies in any shape or form (no matter how subtle), derelict homes/hospitals/schools/theatres/cinemas, Pigeons, mayonnaise, Blue-bottle flies, Patriarchy.

Also: When I was a toddler, everyone thought my mum and dad (both white-Irish) had adopted/fostered me because I looked of dual-heritage….mixed-race?…..or that one of my parents must be Black or ‘at least mediterranean’, ha. I think people used the phrase ‘half-caste’ back then. During my teenage years, the local African-Caribbean community virtually adopted me and taught me about aspects of history that I hadn’t yet been made aware of, including genetics and cultural studies. They introduced me to inspiring conversations about things like Identity, healing and story-telling.