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The Other Place At The RSC
Midsummer Mischief



Name:  Claire Gerrens

RSC Job: First Lighting Technician

Job on Midsummer Mischief: Lighting Designer for Programme A

What does that mean: I work in the lighting department full time, on the majority of productions/projects which  we produce. I work with a team to take the Lightning Designers ideas and then help rig, focus, programme the lighting for our productions. I have taken our productions out on tour too, adjusting to different venues we go into. For the festival, I am the lighting designer for programme A. I work closely with Erica the director and Maddy the Designer to come up with ideas of how lighting on the production will work. We work together throughout the technical rehearsals to programme the lighting to play back during shows.

Likes: Newcastle Upon Tyne (my hometown), laughter, animals, talking a lot, wine, pizza, dog walking and horse riding, being outdoors, theatre and comedy.

Dislikes: Spiders

Also: In the 3 years and 9 months I have been in Stratford, I have worked on 18 productions and toured into 26 different venues nationally and internationally.