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Midsummer Mischief



Name: Julia Wade

Job on Midsummer Mischief: Company Stage Manager

What does that mean: I organise, manage and ensure that rehearsals and performances run smoothly, with the help of  two fantastic assistant stage managers and four brilliant technicians, also liaising with all of the creative team, writers and production departments. I look after the welfare of the Company, maintain high production values, a sense of calm and always have a sympathetic ear.

Likes: The sea (& swimming in it), beaches (Anstey’s Cove is very special), sunshine, music, dancing, Manchester United, modern art, Barcelona, Venice, St-Malo, new writing, roses, Bocage shoes, cedar trees, cricket, tennis.

Dislikes: Tea with milk, narrow mindedness, white chocolate.

Also: Whilst at University I was lucky to spend time in The Haçienda, see great bands such as The Smiths, Nirvana, Stone Roses, New Order, watch Manchester United play, see some fabulous theatre, art and cricket as well as obtaining a degree in English with Art History!