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Midsummer Mischief



Name: Julia Wade

Job on Midsummer Mischief: Company Stage Manager

What does that mean: I organise, manage and ensure that rehearsals and performances run smoothly, with the help of  two fantastic assistant stage managers and four brilliant technicians, also liaising with all of the creative team, writers and production departments. I look after the welfare of the Company, maintain high production values, a sense of calm and always have a sympathetic ear.

Likes: The sea (& swimming in it), beaches (Anstey’s Cove is very special), sunshine, music, dancing, Manchester United, modern art, Barcelona, Venice, St-Malo, new writing, roses, Bocage shoes, cedar trees, cricket, tennis.

Dislikes: Tea with milk, narrow mindedness, white chocolate.

Also: Whilst at University I was lucky to spend time in The Haçienda, see great bands such as The Smiths, Nirvana, Stone Roses, New Order, watch Manchester United play, see some fabulous theatre, art and cricket as well as obtaining a degree in English with Art History!



Name:  Claire Gerrens

RSC Job: First Lighting Technician

Job on Midsummer Mischief: Lighting Designer for Programme A

What does that mean: I work in the lighting department full time, on the majority of productions/projects which  we produce. I work with a team to take the Lightning Designers ideas and then help rig, focus, programme the lighting for our productions. I have taken our productions out on tour too, adjusting to different venues we go into. For the festival, I am the lighting designer for programme A. I work closely with Erica the director and Maddy the Designer to come up with ideas of how lighting on the production will work. We work together throughout the technical rehearsals to programme the lighting to play back during shows.

Likes: Newcastle Upon Tyne (my hometown), laughter, animals, talking a lot, wine, pizza, dog walking and horse riding, being outdoors, theatre and comedy.

Dislikes: Spiders

Also: In the 3 years and 9 months I have been in Stratford, I have worked on 18 productions and toured into 26 different venues nationally and internationally.



Name: Anthony Ekundayo Lennon

Job: Assistant Director for Jo McInnes on Programme B ‘I Can Hear You’ and ‘This Is Not An Exit’.

What that means: Assisting Jo and the actors during rehearsals by providing research materials, making lots of hot drinks for….anyone, attending and noting all meetings with Jo outside rehearsals while she discusses ongoing work involved with set/sound/lighting/costume designs, script changes. Basically knowing as much, inside-out about Jo’s vision/intentions for the production so as to be as supportive as possible and offering any creative ideas if called upon to. I also keep an up to date notebook regarding anything that may be useful when working on other future productions, i.e. methods of working, problem solving, creative learning or inspiring thoughts & questions. Now that the shows are up and running I’m keeping an eye on the plays, giving notes and calling rehearsals if necessary.

Likes: The buzz of an empty rehearsal room….seconds before everyone enters to begin work, supporting emerging artists, plantain, behind-the-scenes section of DVD films, the buzz of a full rehearsal room while everyone is creating. Science-fiction.

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Name: Annette Bowery

RSC Job: Digital Designer

What does that mean: Design of all sort of digital things to promote the festival: screens, web gifs, video bits, emails, etc.

Likes: Animation, Hitchcock, wine, the Beano, Armistead Maupin, Sarah Waters, flipbooks, people who take risks, the colour green

Dislikes: Economic commentators, Radio 4 today’s business section



Name: Sarah Dickenson

Job on Midsummer Mischief: Associate Dramaturg

What does that mean: I support the writers through their drafts prior to rehearsals. I then continue with that support to the writer, actors and director in the rehearsal room. I am particularly focusing on Revolt. She said. Revolt again. and This Is Not An Exit.

Likes: Stories and storytellers, theatre in every sense, water (especially the sea), magnamity, serendipity, turtles, marzipan, brown ink, singing, making things better. 

Dislikes: Marmite, unkindness, hierachy rather than humanity, bullying, my own ignorance, agressive drivers, artex ceilings. 

Also: I grew up in North Cornwall. On sunny days I yearn for rock pools and limpits.



Name: Collette McCarthy

RSC Job: Literary Assistant

What that means: I assist on producing workshops, deal with the administrative needs of the literary team and help to look after all of the writers we work with.

Job on Midsummer Mischief: making sure the writers have all the information they need, a roof over their heads and can get to and from rehearsals. Also: proofing, prepping, formatting, information sharing and calm keeping.

Likes: dystopian novels, the sea, feminism, vintage clothing, the wonderful world of the internet (biddy the travelling hedgehog et al), hot sauce, theatre that leaves you thinking

Dislikes: pigeons, walking slowly, anything aniseed flavoured

Also: a roll of paper once broke my finger



Name: Pippa Hill

Job: Literary Manager

What does that mean: I look after writers at the RSC: dead or alive 

Job on Midsummer Mischief: I am the dramaturg attached to The Ant and the Cicada and I Can Hear You. I am also working with the team on our Making Mischief day.  

Likes: writers, mangoes, equality, art

Dislikes: wasps 

Also: prized possession is a magnolia tree given to me as a birthday present



Name: Claire Birch

RSC Job: Assistant Producer

Job on Midsummer Mischief: Producer

What does that mean: As an assistant producer I work with the producing team on the national and international touring, I look after the assistant directors from recruitment to working with our assistant directing alumni. I produce our research and development workshops and do lots of other things in between! For Midsummer Mischief I have an overview of the whole festival and all the work involved, I work with all the RSC departments to ensure the festival takes places to the highest production values and to budget. I also make sure all is running well and everyone is happy!

Likes: Sunshine

Dislikes: mushrooms

Also: I’m pretty sure I was a dog in a former life…



Name: Joseph Wilde

Job on Midsummer Mischief: Assistant Director, Programme A

What does that mean: Basically, I do whatever my director (Erica Whyman) asks me to do! Including, but not limited to: research, looking after the show once it goes up, and smashing watermelons with an axe (seriously)

Likes: Rain, tea, football

Dislikes: sitting still

Also: I used to want to be a professional goalkeeper, but never grew beyond 5’6” (sadface)


Name: Erica Whyman

RSC Job: Deputy Artistic Director

What that means: I lead on the RSC’s new work programme, and on redeveloping a permanent home for The Other Place.  I work with Greg Doran [Artistic Director] on our overall programme and I deputise for him when he can’t be in two places at once.

Job on Midsummer Mischief: I am leading the festival, and directing programme A. I will also be hosting various events on Making Mischief day, 28 June.

Likes: Theatre of all shapes and sizes, detective novels, sausages, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, canal boats, optimism, mischief.

Dislikes: Intolerance, entrenched political or other views, yoghurt, travelling by boat.

Also: Part-time Mum, with a degree in French and Philosophy.



Name: Réjane Collard-Walker

RSC Job: Literary Projects Coordinator

What that means: I produce the R&D work on our commissions and writer-led projects, I help look after all of the writers we work with. 

Job on Midsummer Mischief: Other than the above, I am working with the team on our Making Mischief day, and I am The Other Place Blog skipper.

Likes: living playwrights, cocktails, new plays, needlecraft, photography, Christmas, French food, cats, feminism, cheese.

Dislikes: orange,  bigotry, dogs, bad grammar. 

Also: French.